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    Hello, my name is Lecter, you can also call me Ašme or Anemoen (the last one is only for friends and other close people). I’m a map activist with multiple paraphilias and other stigmatized identities. This is a blog for my articles on the topic of minor attraction, the paraphiliac communities, and more.

    The name “Lecter” comes from my old Tumblr username, comrade-lecter. People started addressing me as such, and it replaced the name I used to go by. I did name myself after Hannibal Lecter, but unlike what fan theories about his name origins say, I don’t derive my name from the Latin “lector”, but from the Ancient Greek “ēléktōr”. “Ašme” is a relatively new name for me that replaces an older one, “Larva”, in a symbolic act of hatching. It is pronounced and may be spelled as “Ashme”. “Anemoen” is something I cannot provide a coherent explanation on, because it came to me as an emotional revelation. I can, however, provide the pronunciation – [ʌnem’əʊn] or [ʌnem’ɔːen]. I use more names than just those three, but the other ones are less important. “Wierstamann” is a surname. It used to be my first Twitter username, it should mean “the worst man” in Old English.

    I’m a map. I joined the map community as an ally in 2017, but along the road fell in love with a young adolescent and discovered hebephilia. Coming out became a long process, as I was worried about being accused of lying and discrediting allies, but eventually I spoke up. My age of attraction covers ages 11-65. My other important paraphilias include retifism, sadomasochism, zoophilia (ungulate preference), autogynephilia, univestiphilia (military). I’m mspec and also somewhere on the asexual spectrum.

    I’m a younger-to-older transage person, my internal age is approximately 40. I’ve felt out of touch with my chronological age since 2018-2019 and participated in transage activism on Twitter in early 2020, around the time of creation of the flag. My internal age is not permanent and has moved up since I first experienced age incongruence.

    I’m neurodivergent, more specifically – I have ASPD, PTSD, and OCD. I’m also plural, but you will most likely never encounter my headmates unless we become close. I was created in late 2000s as a teenage girl tulpa called Genevieve and became the host after several hard years. My girl past is the reason why I consider myself nonbinary, even though nowadays I am 100% a man. If you’re curious about my stance on system discourse, I am firmly pro endo.

    I base most of my political views on my belief in abolishing the norm. I see the norm as an inherently oppressive construct that we should unite against, instead of trying to assimilate into on expense of others. I’m quite far left, accepting of “controversial” identities (both for heavily stigmatized things like pedo or zoo, and for things that are believed to be contradicting/nonsensical, e.g., bisexual lesbians). If you have a question about my views on some particular topic, you can always send one to my anonymous ask box. I changed my views quite a lot, and I like talking about it.

    Besides writing about discourse, I create fictional stories (you can see some of them on my semi-abandoned AO3 I don’t quite know what to do with). I also draw and post my drawings to Baraag.

    I created this blog with help of a friend after suspension of my old WordPress (now available in part on Wayback Machine – loading older posts does not work, but you can navigate between different captures – and on Archive Today). Some of the content of this blog is my old posts from there.

    I participate in administration of MAP Wiki, a wiki resource for the map community, and nnia.space, a mastodon instance for paraphiliacs and other non-normative people.

    My projects, including nnia and this blog, are maintained through cryptocurrency, because I do not have a card that would work internationally. You can donate here:





    Not intending to stop being a problem for people who want to censor me.