• Zoosadist community guidelines

    This is a restored post from my WordPress. Originally posted on March 23, 2022. I still agree with everything I said here.

    In this post I want to talk about a need for a zoosadist community and some basic guidelines by which it could function.

    First of all, what is zoosadism? I define zoosadism as fantasies of violent and/or forceful nature about the animals one is attracted to. Zoosadism can be understood as an overlap of two paraphilias: zoophilia and a sadistic kink. It feels and functions in a similar way to a sadistic attraction towards humans, it can be sexual or romantic, depending on what exact emotions and feelings it stimulates. Some zoosadists have exclusively a sadistic attraction to animals, but most are also attracted to animals in vanilla sexual and romantic ways. Just like people that are into sado-maso with other humans are human-oriented, zoosadists are zoophiles.

    For the past few years zoosadists have been actively pushed out of the zoophile community by Zeta activists (I wrote about this in more detail here). Zoosad activists were harassed and slandered, occasional abusers were used as proof that all zoosadists are bound to abuse. Right now there is a need for a zoosadist community that would be able to protect itself.

    The zoosadist community should consist of:

    1. All zoosadists who socialize in company of other zoosadists. This inclusion is automatic. It’s important to understand the community for people with any identity is not a club where your membership can be revoked, but a sum of people with this identity. I believe that building a community on any other terms (e.g. only good people with this identity) eventually leads to more and more subjective conditions piling up. We accept what we have and work towards bettering our situation.
    2. Everyone else who relates to zoosadist issues and wants to aid as an ally. This inclusion is conscious and chosen. It’s important to leave an open door for allies to exchange experience with members of other communities ad allow questioning people to get a closer look at zoosadists and perhaps discover their own attractions.

    The zoosadist community should not be mistaken for various small spaces, organized by individual zoosadists. These spaces may have their own rules and keep out bad faith participants. All local zoosadist spaces are a part of the zoosadist community.

    Here I attempt to outline some sort of a code of conduct for this community.

    1. Respect all paraphilias.

    Accept people’s paraphilias and preferences, whether they resemble yours or no, and give other paraphiliacs respect while promoting respect for fellow zoosadists.

    1. Do not glorify the norm.

    Do not equate anti abuse ethics and non abusive behavior with things like good mental health/neurotypicality, romantic attraction, and other conditions and identities. Nobody is inherently safe from becoming an abuser or bound to be one.

    1. Do not support animal abuse and do not slander people as abusers.

    Oppose animal abuse and avoid association with anyone engaging in it (unless with a view to stop them), but do not assume the worst about people without actual proof of abuse.

    1. Do not try to be personally responsible for all zoosadists.

    Do not try to impose collective responsibility on yourself and the whole community over actions of the few. You are not obliged to know everyone you share your identity with and you cannot expect yourself or anyone else to play the role of community police and actively interrogate and punish people. Also do not try to boost the community’s reputation by claiming abusers aren’t true zoophiles/zoosadists.

    1. Support ex offenders.

    Have compassion and tolerance for people that engaged in abuse in the past and condemn their own behavior. You do not have to personally engage with them, but allow them space to grow and change.

    These are approximate rules I propose for zoosadists. I am well aware that I cannot enforce them, and nobody should have the power/influence to enforce them. I am also aware that people who disagree with these rules do not stop being zoosadists and belonging to the community in the general sense. The purpose of these rules isn’t to establish leadership or unified dogmas, but to suggest a goal we could work towards to make a community that is capable of protecting its members from antis and generally abusive people and of allying with other paraphiliac communities.

    This is the zoosadist flag I made a couple of years ago. It is specifically intended for anti contact zoosadists, as the white line on it stands for separating attractions from actions.

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