• Sourhoneys – a scam story


    This is a restored post from my WordPress. Originally posted August 22, 2020. None of what’s written here is relevant anymore, but yet it presents a curious story.

    This is the text of my YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5opHFeRHl3k ), as promised.

    So, sourhoneys. The big scandal of these couple of days. It seems like a classic story with a happy ending – an innocent young girl (13) went online, met a pedophile, agreed to meet with him, but her brave friends and cautious mom saved her and now she’s at home to think about her behavior. But if you followed this story from the very beginning, a lot of things don’t add up. Here are the actual events.

    This is sourhoneys’ account before this whole thing blew up and before she got over 400 followers.

    And this is an example of content from this account.

    In addition to that, she retweeted a lot of porn, both real life and hentai, and that led her to being blocked by quite a bit of members of the map community. No matter what antis tell you, here in the map community we DON’T like teens who speak about map identity as if it’s a fancy fetish for their entertainment. I saw her account when she was still active, I think she made it around August 12, but I deliberately didn’t interact.

    After around 5 days of having this account, on the 17th of August, she announced her plans to go see a map she met on Twitter, and disappeared.

    Now, hornycupcakess. An alleged 10 year old, who made their account around the time of sourhoneys’ disappearance and began with advertising themself inappropriately, but soon came out as bait and started posting about sourhoneys, calling her by a name Angel.

    This is how the scandal started, and by August 20 it went to big accounts, made #FindSourHoney a popular tag, went farther than Twitter, and even got featured in another YouTube video.

    Then, another user, an 18 year old fetishist angelgasmss, said they know sourhoneys in real life.

    This is what they said in Dms with a concerned person:

    I don’t think there’s much of a possibility of a 18 year old to know a 13 year old in the same school to the degree that they recognize their Twitter account, yet I’d let it pass, but here things get a bit weird. Sourhoneys, or Angel, or Emily tweeted from her account. The tweets were promptly deleted, but people noticed and took screenshots.

    It caused a sort of an explosion. People started accusing hornycupcakess of being the same person and just tweeting from a wrong account accidentally, and it honestly seems realistic, given that their initial account styles were very similar. But yet another surprise awaited – here comes the mother.

    The mother posted this, and later the same day (August 20, going on august 21 in my time zone) revealed the following screenshots of a conversation between sourhoneys and someone Sam. After that she deleted the account.

    Now, here come all my questions. Let’s arrange them chronologically in the order I had them.

    1. How is a 13 year old girl close friends with a 18 year old person, to the point that this person phones and tries to come over? I’d understand if they met online in fandoms or discourse. But in real life in a school? That’s not impossible, but very unlikely. And this – did that person have an outstanding gut feeling or something?

    Another thing, these two commas after “single”, and their speech similarities.

    I’m grasping at straws with this one though.

    2. Who was on sourhonheys’ account from Monday, when she allegedly got grounded, till Thursday, when the mom logged in? As in – who posted these tweets and who deleted them?

    3. Why on Earth her mother is exposing both her location AND her real name? So her classmates bully her? So people remember her as a girl who tweeted about map cock? So more predators decide she’s interested and come over?

    4. How did Sam and sourhoneys go from just talking to exchanging locations and planning a meeting in a span of one day? Their first message exchange dates Sunday, and they planned their Monday meeting right away. I guess sourhoneys could really be a young naive teen, but Sam is a grown ass man, doesn’t he know how these things usually end? I ‘ve been filing tons of reports on various online predators since I got somehow connected to CSA prevention, and I’ve never seen anything like that.

    5. Hornycupcakess, why can’t they answer a single question concerning their dms with sourhoneys? The person in the screenshot wasn’t the only one asking.

    This one screenshot of an irrelevant person they did post looks like it was taken from the same phone as the screenshots with Sam that the mother took. They both even feature the same ugly bluegray background most people dumped for black.

    One doesn’t need to be a genius to say it smells like a scam. I’m still working one getting more data and I hope I’ll get to the bottom of it. A special thanks to MeetTheScout_ from Twitter for getting me more details and pointing out similarities between sourhoneys, hornycupcakess, and angelgasms before more screenshots came up. Go give them a follow.

    More updates will be posted here. Today is August 22, nothing new came up yet.

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