• Aesthetics

    This is a page for miscellaneous things I find appealing.

    I am the source and the field
    The shiny scythe that you wield
    I’ll be the drug in your blood 
    The first wave of that flood

    “Motherzone”, Deathstars

    We rot face down
    Burning in silence
    We fought in the ground
    Desponding violence

    “Of The Abyss”, Lorna Shore

    Don’t pray for me when you’re the one to blame
    Don’t think of me when you go up in flames
    Don’t pray for me when you’re the one enslaved
    Don’t wish me well, in your fantasy

    “Thoughts And Prayers”, Motionless In White

    I’m no slave
    Are you feeling brave?
    Or have you gone out of your mind?
    No more games
    It won’t feel the same
    If I hold my anger inside
    There’s no meaning
    My soul is bleeding
    I’ve had enough of your kind
    One suggestion, use your discretion
    Before you label me blind

    “I’m Alive”, Disturbed

    I can not hide
    Standing up against the lies
    It’s not a sin to live as one feels inside

    “Live As Myself”, Ludovico Technique

    My name is ruin
    My name is evil
    My name’s a war song
    I’ll sing you a new one

    “My Name Is Ruin”, Gary Numan

    I know
    That you want me
    And I know
    That you love me
    And I hope
    When you touch me
    That you know you’ve touched damnation

    “A Nice Place To Visit”, Aesthetic Perfection