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    This is a post for picture-related discussions while image viewing on nnia isn’t working.

    Para pride month

    (30.07.2023) I completed the calendar I started working on a month ago or so. Still a bit of time left to fix it.

    (01.08.2023) The images are back now, but I’m still posting the finalized version for reference.

    Teen love symbols

    The other day I mentioned it on nnia that I want to create teen love (hebephilia, a part of ephebophilia) symbols, to complete the pattern started by childlove and little child love. Here is the first draft I made, plus cleaner versions, done for me by Pappy:

    The principle behind them is making them more angular and detailed, because lcl symbols differ from regular cl by being more round and simplistic.

    Edit as of about an hour later: some people are saying the shapes aren’t distinct enough from the standard cl symbols. Would this do better as a heart?

    Next day (25.06.2023) edits: took Hatter’s offer on heart design. Plus a more dented triangle.

    I do believe the EL crystal is good enough as is and needs no further work. Not entirely sure about the rest.

    Sudden tbl update:

    Third day (26.06.2023) development:

    Late (09.07.2023) update on the TL symbol:

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