• Discovering a missing zoo flag


    In September 2022, when I was writing the first version of this text on zoo flags, I wrote that the DeviantArt page of ZooFlags, the original person who posted the blue-white-purple flag, had 15 entries. I listed the first three in the order they were uploaded:

    Currently, almost a year later, it has only 13, as you can see from this screenshot I just took:

    I was already aware DeviantArt censors paraphiliac symbols, and I suppose this is what happened here. But looking at this gallery again made me notice something about how it is organized. Everything is repeating with some modification. If you view the captions, additional yellow stripes mean platonic attraction, orange – sensual, blue – alterous. So, the artist made variants for each basic flag, including for the ones that aren’t visible to us anymore.

    But there are 4 flags in each category, not 3. There is a flag in brown/beige and blue tones that I have never seen on its own.

    Was that flag there all the way back in 2016, when ZooFlags just created their gallery? I couldn’t find the answer on Wayback Machine or Archive Today, but it seems likely. It would have been the fourth flag by the order of upload. I tried to recreate it from one of the modified versions:

    While I still heavily prefer the blue-white-purple flag for personal identification, this one has nice colors.

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