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    Here are results of a survey I ran from August 24, 2023, till October 7, 2023. The survey was addressing the online paraphiliac community, it was shared in paraphilia tags on Tumblr, on map fediverse, in paraphilia discord servers, element chats, and forums. 

    It consisted of two parts: a list of 75 paraphilias (split in three sections due to Cryptpad limitations) and a field to add your own. Participants were asked to choose which paraphiliac labels they identify with. 

    A total of 312 responses were received. 90 participants used the custom field and added their own paraphilias. 321 additional paraphiliac experiences were suggested (including paraphilias that do not have their proper names). While this survey has some flaws, for example, not all participants would be motivated enough to add something, it still presents general trends.

    Results demonstrate high presence of paraphiliacs from the so called “big 3” – map, zoo, necro – in the para community. 54.5% of respondents are maps, 46.2% are zoos, 35.3% are necros. This is not surprising, because the para community was founded by and for people with these identities. 

    The most popular response (61.2%) was biastophilia (active rape kink). In comparison to that, autobiastophilia (passive rape kink) was chosen by 44.2% respondents. It’s possible to assume that people with an active rape kink are more drawn towards the para community, because more mainstream kink spaces focus solely on the passive side while defending this kink. The second most popular option was sadism (56.4%), and while it was followed by masochism very closely (55.1%), the same principle may apply.

    The most popular label under the map umbrella was pedophilia (42.3%). Hebephilia followed closely (40.1%), ephebophilia was shared by 36.5%, nepiophilia – by 18.6%. This arrangement differs drastically not only from the general society, but also from “old school” map spaces, where hebephilia and ephebophilia prevailed.

    Other especially stigmatized paraphilias, statistically significant in the para community, include: aptophilia (grooming kink) 38.8%, erotophonophilia (murder) 34.9%, autoandrophilia 23.1%, autogynephilia 21.8%, sadistic map attraction 16.3%, zoosadism 10.2%. 

    The para community is a place for freaks and deviants, significantly more open and honest about sexuality and less sanitized than even communities for one particular cluster of paraphilias (e.g. map or zoo). And it needs to stay this way. Thank you, to everyone who participated.

    All responses, presented as a table.

    Detailed statistics on the first 75 paraphilias:

    Paraphilias, added by respondents:

    Suggested 9 times: hematolagnia (blood).

    Suggested 8 times: coprophilia/scat.

    Suggested 7 times: fictomyap/kodocon.

    Suggested 6 times: asphyxiophilia (lack of air), autopedophilia, autophilia (self), odaxelagnia (biting/being bitten), zoomorphiaphilia (transformation into animal).

    Suggested 5 times: adipophilia/lipophilia (fat people), aelurophilia (cats), autohaemofetishism (own blood), autosadism/automasochism, barysadism (extreme sadism), cannibalism/anthropophagy kink, emapihtophilia (gore), entomophilia (insects), feederism/weight gain, mixoscopic bestialism (human/animal sex voyeurism), peiramaphilia (experimenting on someone/being experimented on).

    Suggested 4 times: acrotomophila (amputees), androgynophilia (androgynous people), autohebephilia (self as an adolescent), autoplushophilia, autosomnophilia (self sleeping), capnolagnia (smoking), contreltophilia (sexual abuse), faunaphilia (animals having sex), iatronudia medical precedues and equipment), maschalagnia (armpits), mechanophilia (machines)

    Suggested 3 times: aegoincestophilia (incest without own participation), agateophilia/maniaphilia/phreniaphilia (insanity), amaurophilia (inability to see), aquaphilia (water), asthenolagnia (degradation, humiliation), auralism/acousticophilia (sounds), autohybristophilia (self as a criminal), automyap, cordophilia (being bound), erotographomania (erotic writing), formicophilia (being crawled on by insects), frotteurism (rubbing against people), klismaphilia (enemas), maiesiophilia/tocophilia (pregnancy), mastigophilia (punishment), menophilia (mences), narkobiastophilia (drugging and raping), necrozoophilia (dead animals), olfactophila (smells), ophidiophilia (reptiles), paichnidirolophilia (roleplay), spectrophilia/phasmophilia (ghosts), tepistaphilia (punk), tithiolagnia (breastfeeding), trypanophilia (injections)

    Suggested 2 times: acomoclitia (hairless genitals), agnotitaphilia (chastity), agroikophilia (roughness), aisthitirakiphilia (sensory deprivation), akrovystiaphilia (foreskin), , algolagnia (neurological masochism), anophelorastia (ravaging/defiling), apotemnophilia (amputation of one’s limb), attraction to myaps, autiphilia (autistic people), autoandrogynephilia (combination of male and female traits in self), autoaptophilia, autoteratophilia (self as a monster), bibliophilia (books), cainophilia (novelty), cardiophilia (hearts), carnophilia (meat), chiroptophilia (bats), cryptophilia (mysteries), cultrophilia (knives), daimonophilia (demons), dermographism (damaging/marking skin), diaper fetish, dinophilia (dinosaurs), dracophilia (dragons), electrophilia (electricity), eproctophilia (flatulence), exophilia , unusual things), fimotrophilia (gags), forniphilia (human furniture), fujiphilia (gay men), gregomulcia (autofrotteurism), gynocryptosis (telling about own sexual experiences), hamartophilia (sin), hierophilia (sacred objects), himephilia (lesbians), homeovestism (self crossdressing), krouophilia (beating), lactophilia (breast milk), lutraphilia (otters), macrophilia (giants), mazophilia (breasts), medolalia (talking about penises), melolagnia (music), metamorphosiphilia (transformation), mixoscopia (partner having sex with someone else), musophilia (mice), necrobiophilia (people pretending to be dead), parthenophilia (virgins), procticophilia/anocratism (anal), pseudozoophilia (people pretending to be animals), pteronophilia (tickling by feathers), sapiophilia/epistemophilia (knowledge), sklaviaphila (slavery), stomaphilia (mouths), tikolobomassophilia (earlobe nibbling), transvestophilia (crossdressers), triolism (threesomes), voxophilia/phonophila (voices), xylismaphilia (spanking), zoopedophilia/zoomyap

    Suggested once: abasiophilia (orthopedic appliances), abdl (adult baby diaper lover), abultophilia (baths and showers), acarophilia (scratching), achluophilia (darkness), acucullophilia (circumcised penises), aegoassassinophilia (murder without own participation), aegobiastophilia (rape without own participation), aegosadomasochism (pain without own participation), aeriophilia (anesthesia), agriozoophilia (wild animals), aischrophilia (watching accidents), alektorophilia (chicken), allobiasto-automyap (raping younger, child/adolescent versions of self), allobiasto-autoterfphilia (raping a terf version of self), allopellia (watching sex), allotriorasty (people of different nations or races), alphamegamia (age difference), anasteemaphilia (height difference), andromimetophilia (female crossdressers), angelophilia (angels), ankylophilia (joint immobility), anthrocoprophilia (furry feces), anthroeproctophilia (furry flatulence), anthroeructophilia (furry burping), apiophilia (bees), aptophilia (unusual anatomy), arachnephilia (spiders), architecture fetish, ataxiophilia (loss of muscular coordination), attraction to being a catgirl, attraction to catgirls, attraction to cynophiles, attraction to incels, attraction to older brothers, attraction to short men, atychiphilia (failure, misfortune), auto disability fetish, auto psychosis kink, autoapogynephilia (traditionally-female traits in self specifically as not female), autocontreltophilia (being sexually abused), autodacryphilia (self crying), autodipophilia/autolipophilia (being fat), autoephebophilia, autoerotic asphyxiation, autokrouophilia (being beaten), automisobiastophilia (hate group members raping me), automyap masochism (self as hurt child), autonarkobiastophilia (being drugged and raped), autonecrophilia (own dead body), autopediophilia (self as a doll), autopiquerism (being stabbed), autoscophilia (looking at one’s body), autotikolobomassophilia (one’s earlobe nibbled), autotraumaphilia, autovampirism, autovorarephilia (being eaten), autozoo masochism (self as hurt animal), baloniphilia (balloons), bastinato (feet torture), bathyphilia (deep water), batrachophilia (frogs), begging kink, biophilia (the living), bufonophilia (toads), catheterophilia (catheters), ceraphilia (hot wax), claustrophilia (small spaces), cleithrophilia (being trapped), cnidophilia (stings), collaring/collars kink, condusphilia (condoms), coprastasophilia (constipation), crepusculaphilia (twilight), daddy kink, defecaloesiophilia (painful bowel movements), dehumanization kink, deification kink, dermaphilia (skin), disability fetish, dystychiophilia (accidents), ebriuphilia (intoxication), ecorchement (flagellation), edging kink, eructophilia (burping), erythrophilia (blushing), eugenics kink, fictioemetophilia (fictional vomiting), ficto-adophilia (fictional adults), fictohybristophilia (fictional criminals), fictopathophilia (fictional diseases), fictozoophilia (fictional animals), fratrilagnia (brothers), gloryholes kink, graphelagnia (pornographic pictures), gymnophilia (nudity), gynelophila/hirsutophilia (body hair), gynemimetophilia (male crossdressers), gynesadism (sadism towards girls&women), harmatophilia (sexual incompetence), hircusophilia (armpit hair), homophilia, hygrophilia (body fluids), hypephilia (fabrics), ichthyophilia (fish), ink fetish, isopterophilia (termites), journals fetish, kleptophilia (stealing), knismolagnia (tickling), kopophilia (exhaustion), koukoulaphilia (masks, hoods), lastichegantiphilia (latex gloves), lepidopterophilia (butterflies, moths), leptosadism (mild sadism), lockiophilia (childbirth), logizomechanophilia (computers), lykraphilia (lycra, spandex, etc), lyssophilia (being angry or upset), macrophallophilia (big penises), manipulation kink, megalophilia (large objects), melanophilia (color black), metrophilia (poetry), microphilia (small beings), mind control kink, misobiastophilia (raping hate group members), morphophilia (body types), musical instruments fetish, nanophilia (short people), narratophilia (monologues), nasophilia (noses), nazi kink, nebulophilia (fog), neo-akrovystaphilia (foreskin restoration), noceresphilia (self harm), objectosadomasochism, ombrophilia (rain), omniphilia (all or multiple paraphilias), oneirophilia (dreams), onomatophilia (particular words), orgiophilia (orgies), orientation play, ourithrasiphilia (sounding), partner abuse kink, pedovestism (dressing a child), peodeiktophilia (exposing own penis), periorismophilia (destraining devices), phalloorchoalgolagnia (cbt), phrenoklaophilia (mindbreak), phthiscophilia (wasting illnesses), placophilia (tombstones), pligonophilia (marking, branding), politicophilia (polticians), polygyny, pornolagnia (sex workers), potamophilia (rivers, streams), potestaphilia (authority over oneself), preening kink, psavophilia (fingering), psychosis kink, ptaerophilia (sneezing), pubephilia (pubic hair), pugilism (punching), pygophilia (buttocks), radars and powerful radios fetish, radqueerphilia (concept of radqueerness), rhabdophilia (flogging), sacrilege kink, sarmassophilia (kneading flesh), savantophilia (mental disability), schediaphilia (cartoons), selachophilia (sharks), self-objectification kink, selgolalia (sexual stories), sensory kink, septophilia (rotting matter), snake zoophilia, souvliphilia (impaling), splanchnophilia (internal organs), spongy bone fetish (bone density), stigmatophilia (body modifications), storms kink, stygiophilia (going to hell), subvestiphilia (underwear), syntrivo╠▒philia (crushing), tamakeri (testicle impact), technophilia (technology), teleiosadism, tentacles fetish, terfphilia, thalassophilia (sea), thaphephilia (being buried alive), tomophilia (surgeries), transmedphilia, trigphilia (being triggered), vermiphilia (worms), writing utensils fetish, xenoglossophilia (other languages), yandere kink, zemmiphilia (mole rats, hairless animals), zeusophilia (gods), zoocoprophilia (animal feces), zooeproctophilia (animal flatulence), zooeructophilia (animal burping).

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