• Preferred species among non-zeta zoos

    Several months ago I opened a survey targeting specifically zoophiles not affiliated with the zeta community. I was curious about the species preference and I provided two identical lists of animal species – one to check all species you find attractive, another to pick the most attractive one – as well as a field for write-in answers. 

    The survey received 87 answers, which is less than the amount I prefer (at least 100), but I’m closing it to free space for another survey.

    Write-in answers:


    Leporidae (rabbits)

    Prehistoric Reptillian Synapsids, Extinct Aquatic and Aerial Reptiles, Thycaline


    Hyenas, vulpine (foxes), lapine (rabbits), other rodents, sheep and goats, baby animals

    Antelopes, Bears, Camels, Donkeys, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Mammoths, Mastodons, Okapi, Pilosa (Anteaters and Sloths), Polar bears, Rhinos, Swines, Tapir, and Zebras.


    rabbits, mustelids




    Foxes and dragons

    Hyenas and Mustelids ?! Come on they’re popular enough

    A majority of endo-parastitic species

    Opossums Kangaroos Skunks Bats Hyenas Mustelids

    otters/Mustelidae family in general, rabbits

    i hope fictozoos count, sorry if they don’t

    only chickens i’m close to, and only wasps




    lagomorphs (rabbits , hares , etc.)

    Fictional animal species are nice

    I’m attracted to the idea of some objects can be able to interact the world like animals and have an anatomy for their own species. I also love stuff like objectplay, objectgirls/objectboys (imagine these cat anime girls but they wearing a glove shaped like object hands and having object ears), even my partner is an object show fan and has a very silly goober as their main oc, I love her (both my partner and oc) so much and last time I commissioned BFDI cake for my birthday and I even got turned on from it.. wow.. I just filled this cuz I know my attraction is somewhat zooey and I love Alef movement.. so why not

    Mostly I was interested in tracking the amount of dog attraction in non-zeta spaces, because zeta zoos have a tendency to build defense of zoophilia and future prospects for the zoo community around dogs. 

    According to these results, 80% of non-zeta zoos are attracted to dogs and 40% list dogs as their primary attraction. This is a lot, especially in comparison to other attractions. But bisexuality is the most common queer label among queer Americans, and nobody would say it’s useful to ignore identities beyond bi.

    Most likely I’ll redo this survey when I figure out ways to promote it more efficiently. 

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