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    Xenosatanism, alternatively spelled as xĂ©nosatanism, is an attempted political movement that appeared in November 2021. Its declared goals mainly include altering what the society sees as acceptable and unacceptable when it comes to sexuality and sexual behavior. Some things I will focus on in this post:

    – Public sex, nudity, and pornography legalized and socially encouraged

    – Full legalisation of both real and fictional cp

    – Incest legalized, banalised, and socially encouraged

    – Destigmatization and desacralization to some extent of rape, molestation, sexual abuse (bcs of a priori and retrospective harm induced by internalized social norms. Tho, we don’t want harmful rape to be fully legal)

    – depending on the case, non-consensual but harmless sexual interaction should be legal, and not stigmatized

    – Political bisexualism

    The points above were copied from the intro post to xenosatanism, made by one of its coiners. The same points were later repeated on the original xenosatanism carrd and the remade carrd

    These points raise concerns because of neglect of consent – blatant, like in the case with “destigmatization of rape”, or more vague, like with all this “encouraging”. I want to start with the first one.

    Blatant anti consent rhetoric

    Full legalization of real child porn would mean legalization of production of child porn. This is completely incompatible with another declared goal of xenosatanism – anti-ageism, because banning exploitation of children in professional and amateur entertainment industry is currently an important youth liberation goal. Parents filming their children with a view to create entertaining content or allowing others to do so is already recognized by many as a human rights violation, and efforts are being made to stop it – nothing will be improved if instead you allow such filming to be pornographic in addition to everything else. 

    Legalization of “harmless” sexual abuse, as well as the attempt to separate abuse into harmless and harmful at all, calls into question what kind of logic we are using to locate harm. It has been suggested that this point actually means legalization of sex acts with willing children. I doubt it, since one of the members of the original xenosatanist group (more about that later), while describing subcategories of the pro contact stance, coined and identified with a term “nocoha” – “nonconsensual harmless pro-contactism”, explicitly differentiated from other types of pro contact by accepting sex with children that was not previously agreed to by the children. It seems like these people are viewing harm strictly as mental or physical pain. Which is not a good definition to incorporate in any kind of a policy, because then it falls onto the victim to prove that they were traumatized. Which is very close to the current state of things, because in practice victims already are demanded to perform pain and trauma in order to be viewed as victims. This isn’t progress, this is a step back.

    Subtle anti consent rhetoric

    Here goes all the encouragement – encouragement of public sex, incest, and bisexual orientation. Encouragement of particular sexual behaviors or orientations is not novel or revolutionary for our society either. This is how it enforces allosexuality and heterosexuality. There is no way to urge people to behave sexually in ways that don’t come to them by themselves that is not inherently coercive. Just because you swap heterosexual reproductive sex between two unrelated adults in their 20s for an incestual multi-gender polycule, doesn’t mean coercion becomes good. No type of a sex act or an orientation should be elevated to the level of a social standard.

    It looks like the creators of xenosatanism believe any harm that may result from some sex acts is actually caused by sex negativity, and therefore artificially increasing the amount of sex acts will fix the problem. This is a viewpoint I saw before in some Newgon-affiliated texts. In addition to that, the new carrd also uses misogynist rhetoric (“the period is why you’re wrong” on their faq page), and the picture on the home page of the carrd links to Newgon directly.

    These are the issues I have with xenosatanism removed from its wider context.

    Within context, however, I have more questions to the people who coined this term and how they operated. 

    The coiners

    Xenosatanism was co-created by a collective of Tumblr bloggers active in November 2021 and for some time after that. These people heavily engaged in reposting and reblogging from each other, and it’s hard to say on which blog this or that idea first appeared, since none of them explicitly said “I made this” or put any kind of credit. Aside from xenosatanism, they created the radqueer label and a bunch of transabled flags. Some extra links for your independent digging:

    The flags section of the old xenosatanism carrd.

    The radqueer coining post from the coiner of “nocoha”.

    The radqueer coining post from someone who posted the same flags as the co-coiner of xenosatanism (may be an alt account of the person above).

    Yet one more blog that posts both the same flags all over again, propaganda for xenosatanism, and blatant defense for nonconsensual sex acts. 

    There were more blogs than just those, I may add some urls here later. These accounts all used a lot of tags on their posts, including not quite relevant (such as xenogender tags on a transabled flag), which resulted in their ideas circulating. After some time of behaving like this, these people disappeared from all paraphilia- or transid-adjacent spaces. This isn’t like anything I’ve seen before or after in our corner of the internet. If they wanted to throw several ideas into the discourse and leave, well, they achieved it – but I still have questions to them about their beliefs.

    Right now xenosatanism is being dragged out again, which may explain the appearance of the new carrd (possibly, but unlikely made by the same group of people). I am making this post both to put the most important parts of what I found out in one place and to start some kind of a more productive discussion about it. I will have more to say on this matter eventually. 

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