• Pro abuse terminology on Tumblr

    I decided to document a recent spike in pro abuse rhetoric on Tumblr. This list will start with xenosatanism, which I already covered in an earlier post.

    Since appearance of xenosatanism, a certain section of Tumblr gradually became more tolerant towards similar ideologies, often through the means of guilt-tripping and fear of coming off as too critical. This is a brief list of specific terms I found so far.

    Coiners: a group of Tumblr users in late 2021, notably centaurus2087/stuprator-jester-tender 
    Description: a political ideology aiming to change the society.
    Summary of issue: support of nonconsensual sexual activity, CSEM.
    Extra: the original creators are no longer actively involved.
    Coiners: actualshooter and abuserprince on Tumblr in October 2023
    Description: an alternative transharmful label.
    Summary of issue: neutral on transharmful transition.
    Links: https://archive.ph/xt5G6
    Extra: a specifically anti transharmful transition label, coined in response to this, is pseudoharmful. 
    Coiner: unknown
    Description: an abbreviation of “minor sexual material/minor made pornography”.
    Summary of issue: glossing over the matter of exploitation in CSEM, creating an artificial umbrella term for CSEM and things like erotic fanfiction made by teenagers.
    Links: –
    Extra: often mentioned in blankqueer stances.
    Coiner: Dave, date unknown.
    Description: a position stemming from insufficiency of the radqueer community, due to too many people taking a stronger anti abuse stance.
    Summary of issue: label specifically for people who see calling out abuse as dangerous.
    Links: https://archive.ph/iGgyx
    Extra: –
    Coiners: therealestsaint and basedbur on Tumblr in April 2024
    Description: a blankqueer stance mostly centered around transhamrful transition.
    Summary of issue: defense of transhamrful transition, abuse, pro contact for all paraphilias.
    Links: https://archive.ph/ovep0
    Extra: another label under the same name exists.
    Coiner: winggedharmfuls/Griffith on Tumblr in April 2024
    Description: a blankqueer stance dedicated to changes in perception of reality.
    Summary of issue: defense of sexual abuse, CSEM. 
    Links: https://archive.ph/AxdxR
    Coiner: griiffiith/Griffith on Tumblr in April 2024
    Description: a term related to one’s identity as an alternate (a term from “The Mandela Catalogue” fandom).
    Summary of issue: pro abuse.
    Links: https://archive.ph/KRi6d
    Extra: –
    Coiner: tojiqueer in April 2024
    Description: a blankqueer label focused on indifference towards others.
    Summary of issue: pro CSEM, pro hypoharmful, pro slurs, neutral on rape.
    Links: https://archive.md/B7NJ7
    Extra: –
    Coiners: therealestsaintevr, basedbur, griiffiith, chokingonpoppies in April 2024
    Description: a merge of Lsdqueer and basedqueer. 
    Summary of issue: defense of abuse.
    Links: https://archive.ph/jaelF
    Extra: –

    A bunch of these date last month specifically. This coincides with an ongoing scandal on the para side of Tumblr, and abuse apologists deciding to double down. Specific lists of stances tend to include seemingly contradicting things, such as being pro abuse yet anti harassment, pro rape yet also pro bodily autonomy. It’s possible to say these labels aren’t thought through, and coiners just try to hit a combo of what’s seen as based and cool in their environment.

    More similar terms may appear, and I might add them here, or make a separate post that’s just the list. I’m currently watching how the situation resolves on Tumblr, and whether more anti abuse people will stop being afraid of voicing criticism.

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